Full circle….

Pokemon card sales

When my youngest son Simon was at middle school in Evesham, Worcs we’d finished the ‘Pog’ days, the dreaded Pogs were all scraped up off the floor, from down the backs of chairs and sofas, under the beds and in little stacks in random places and bagged up to gather dust in some dark corner. We’d moved on to Pokemon!! My then 10 year old was hooked from the start!

In the days before official Pokemon Cards were available Simon was producing his own black and white Pokemon drawings of all the early characters and in quite an entrepreneurial manner taking them to school and selling them to fellow pupils in the playground. Until the school found out he was using the school as a sales pitch. And then he was in big trouble! I kept some of the drawings for many years, but unfortunately I just can’t find them after a move to France.

I would have loved to scan and upload them for him as this post is really to congratulate him and his business partner (another Pokemon fan) on the launch of their new business Crown Cards Ltd., which sells……..would you believe, more than twenty years after Simon’s early efforts, Pokemon cards! Online here: https://www.crowncards.co.uk/.

Good Luck to you guys……….it’s all looking great. I wish you one of these!