Our Cookie Compliance Solution……

This website uses cookies and we are bound to inform you under UK law imposed by an E.U. directive. We can’t tell you precisely what cookies we use at any given time as there are some from WordPress which will allow our software to log you in as a registered user and remember your password, some to make sure both you and us agree what time of day it is. The others are from third party sites such as Google Analytics and Statcounter which collate statistics based on IP addresses and how users access and use the site.

We can’t check every few minutes to see what cookies are being used by our Third Party service providers, but if you’d like to see exactly what cookies are in use here before you use this site you can do a Cookie Audit by visiting us via Google (which uses cookies) Chrome. Open the browser and type into the browser bar. When the site is loaded click the spanner icon to ‘customise and control Google Chrome’, then from the drop down menu which will appear select Tools, then Developer Tools. In the bottom left of your screen you will see a menu containing ‘Cookies’. Click Cookies and you should see us peeping out from under the Cookie heading. Double click our name and lo and behold…….any cookies in use will be named for your perusal, thus allowing you to make the choice to use the site or run away. The Information Commissioner’s Office has made it law that you get to choose.