La Maison de Verre

Having lived in France for eight years – himself eighteen – and not doing much but reclaim the garden from nature – brambles, thistles stinging nettles and random bushes, hand digging trenches wearing waders, across fields in pouring rain to drain the bogs caused by fifty years of unhindered mole breeding and tunneling to the point that all turf floated on top of the granite underneath it, hand pick countless tons of granite ‘stones’ and chunks of rock from the ground, rebuild decaying barn walls, knock down walls in the house and open fireplaces, build and fit a new kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, take down enormous rotten garage doors and replace with ‘stone and mortar’, re-pointing inside and outside the house and barn where the old mortar had rotted and been scraped out by Europe’s biggest mouse infestation which had colonised all the wall cavities. We’ve ripped down old ceilings and expose beams, established numerous water tanks to try and ensure our vegetable gardens can survive six monthly droughts, made and installed fences and gates and looked after our large collection of sheep, turkeys, ducks, chickens and dogs and so much more.

Working life from 2012 – 2020

I decided in the autumn of 2020 to do something that didn’t involve mud, digging, shovelling sand or cement, carrying rocks, being cold and wet or spending too much time on the floor with backache!

Given that Brexit was looming and despite all assurances, there was and is, no guarantee that the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ will stand up for any length of time…….Boris has alreadly tried to rewrite it from the UK end and Macron is capable of anything so it seemed a good time to start a business here. After six months of grinding through the establishment process, the final (I hope) step was completed yesterday in the form of an ‘EORI number.

The end results of months plodding through bureaucracy gone mad and translating countless forms and applications I couldn’t understand are here – an on-line shop selling glass – La Maison de Verre !

Take a look and if you happen to be a facebook user please visit our page via the link on the website and ‘Like’ us! The facebook page isn’t finished or very well organised yet but it will progress in due course.

The shop stocks and sells glass or products made mainly from glass. and will continue to expand its range as time goes on and we find more glass makers who will supply wholesale. We’ve been asked why only glass……and the simple reason is that we like it, always have done, and specialising, whilst having its own sourcing problems means we can focus on finding and suporting artisan glass makers rather than just gathering up a mixed or muddled range of products produced purely for profit.

Lots more on, including a page of Valentine’s Day goodies……….not that himself would have a clue what that is all about! Hint below dearest one ………………..

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  • Yup.Thought so. Always Interesting that a relatively small ‘gang killing’ has remained so widely known over so many decades when most of the mass murders committed by governments is equally widely ignored, forgotten, or doesn’t even reach the attention of most people.

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