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Full circle….

Pokemon card sales When my youngest son Simon was at middle school in Evesham, Worcs we’d finished the ‘Pog’ days, the dreaded Pogs were all scraped up off the floor, from down the backs of chairs and sofas, under the…

Covid 19 lockdown activities

For those of us who are as yet uninfected and lucky enough to have escaped disease related horrors and traumas so far. I have to say…….this looks great!

A tyranny of judges

Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a vile assault on the democratic order. BREXIT POLITICS UK BRENDAN O’NEILL EDITOR 24th September 2019 In finding that Boris Johnson’s proroguing of parliament was unlawful, and that parliament is not prorogued, the 11 justices…


Basset Hound male called Maurice

Three years ago my old spaniel Muppet died from heart failure…..she’s been pushing up roses in the rose bed ever since. Or more accurately one white rose in the middle of the bed which has grown enormous. Over the last…