Why There Are No Dissidents Now?

Perhaps this video is a pointer as to why there are less and less people prepared to act against the powers that be.The title is quite misleading, certainly Glen Greenwald is a Snowden journalist with a book to promote, but his points towards the end about the over arching surveillance in the world holds true. In the UK with more cameras per head of population than anywhere else in the world,what happens to all that information? Then there is the mobile telephone tracking, the checking of social media by prospective employers, the A.N.P.R., (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) giving owner, address,time, date, place, photos of where seen, just to realise where EVERYBODY visits. Not just the bad guys but EVERYBODY. Then the ordinary phone tracking and all the so called essential tracking.



“Jeremy Bentham 18th century philosopher, designed the Panopticon for prisons. Controllers,’I can see you but you can’t see me’

French philosopher Michel Foucault took it a stage further, he stated. The model could be used for all institutions that seek to control human behaviour., This frame work or mind set discovered by Bentham was the key means of societal control of modern western society which no longer need the overt weapons of tyranny”




Although applicable in the greater sense, it is equally applicable in the local sense, in that if you protest your details will be on the database nationally just for protesting about the local dustbin collection.

If you believe that if you do no wrong then you have no problem, then think of this. You are bound by the rules that exist or may exist in the future, your INDEPENDENT thoughts that you may have will have no avenue to be expressed. More and more the press and TV is encouraged to promote a politically correct version of life. Dumbed Down more and more each day. Greater amounts of time are spent on Social Media and television. How much conversation takes place in the home let alone beyond this environment. Slowly the art of conversation and discussion is being lost. All these things are pleasurable but they are beginning to dominate life and so the influence of the state insinuates with little or no resistance or even recognition in a great many cases..

In its own way, it is little different to the TERROR perpetrated upon citizens across the world with what is left of the dictators of the world. Fewer now the Regime Changes have been started and left unfinished by the United States, United Kingdom, France et al. At least that is an obvious failure with its own refugee problems. This total emaciating of all sense of independent action, especially in the UK and to a lesser extent in France, due to some unions, is just the tip of the iceberg.

What of the next generations who will not have had cause to have any independent thought.

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